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About Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker is a National Certified Counselor that works to guide students and parents effectively through the complicated college admissions process.

She is the author of Preparing for College Admissions: The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Students, the only admissions guide that directs readers through the entire admissions process, from picking schools to finding financial aid.

College Access Workshops

Carolyn educates youth and school staff in how to navigate the complicated and treacherous college application process.

College Placement Consulting

Achievement Works consults with families and school to ensure that college placement processes are working to their fullest potential.

Motivational Presentations

Every child deserves to - and can - get a quality college education. Carolyn's motivational presentations help to communicate this message to students.

Training for New School Counselors

Carolyn helps prepare new school counselors to assist students through the difficult college application process.

Carolyn Baker on Channel 8 News

Carolyn baker was recently featured on Channel 8 News.

GSA Contracts

Achievement Works creates powerful, effective, training strategies and services for School Counselors, Youth Development Organizations, and Libraries that increase college admissions rates. We develop resources for the college bound with particular focus for the first-generation college bound.

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